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Finding Your Place on the Family Tree

Last night over dinner, my husband and I listened to a dear friend share her recent journey to find relatives she never knew existed.* This discovery of ancestors on her family tree is opening doors to connect and establish relationships … Continue reading

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Okay, Let’s Talk about that Crying Baby in Church

If you take your baby to Chruch & sit in the front rows while it cries You not only lack respect for the whole Chruch…but also for the pastor & the message he spend hours and hours creating. You’re self … Continue reading

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Good Curling and Other Unexpected Lessons

During the 2006 Winter Olympics, my husband and I stumbled upon the sport of curling and have been hooked ever since. This winter, we decided to learn to curl. Each curling game starts and ends with a handshake and the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Elopement or a Big Wedding?

They could have eloped… but they didn’t. The marriage still would have been legal at a little chapel in Las Vegas or at the courthouse in front of a justice of the peace. It would have been an intimate affair … Continue reading

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There is a monster under my bed!

It was storming outside as we ate dinner with friends. Their young son was frightened by the storm and called out for his dad. As father and son talked in the bedroom, a large clap of thunder sounded, and we … Continue reading

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It was the same story again.  I have heard it many times before, but I must admit, I never tire of it. Yesterday, our pastor, once again, told the story of how, in the 1920’s, our church began on the … Continue reading

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The Transformative Power of Story

I recently returned a book to the library and felt as if I was saying farewell to a dear old friend.  Before dropping the book in the return slot, I held it for a moment, not wanting to let it … Continue reading

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Saturday Mornings, Nazis, and a Talking Donkey

Tell me another story when you were little…. When I was a little girl, on Saturday mornings, I would crawl into my mother’s bed and ask her to tell me a story about when she was a little girl.  Nestled in … Continue reading

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Why We Tell Stories

It’s one of those times in life… My soul needs to know that God profoundly loves me. I must be reminded that He cares for me and the trouble I find myself in. I want to hear that He will … Continue reading

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Sharing the Easter Story with Young Children

Recently, someone asked how to tell a young child the Easter story. The person was concerned how to talk about death and resurrection in a way that a young child will understand. I thought I might share with you how I … Continue reading

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