Traveling together on this journey….

Training: It has always been a joy to encourage and equip others in ministry and over the years, I have spoken at a variety of ministry training events and conferences.    Here is just a sampling of topics that I have spoken on:

  • The Child in our Midst: Being Mindful and Present with Infants and Toddlers in the Church Nursery
  • Creating Space to Encounter God: The importance of wonder in a preschooler’s faith formation
  • Creatively Teaching the Bible in your Classroom
  • What does Spiritual Formation look like in the Church?
  • Early Childhood Spiritual Formation in the Church
  • Nurturing your Child’s Love of Scripture
  • Various ministry models including Faith For the Journey: A Model for Communicant’s Ministry and Prenatal & Early Childhood Spiritual Formation

Mentoring:  It has also been a privilege to come alongside others who are in ministry with children and families.  I am available to assist ministry leaders in the areas of children’s ministry leadership, ministry goals and vision, strategic planning as well as personal formation.  Consultation and mentoring services are offered for both individuals and ministry teams and this can include both one to three day consultations as well as ongoing monthly mentoring relationships.

If you are interested in talking more about a speaking engagement, consultation or mentoring, contact me at